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Gems Printable Coloring Page: Take Two!

Remember the first coloring page I posted, the gemstones one? It cropped weird and the line work had gaps in it. Since then, I’ve learned a bit more, so I drew a second gemstones coloring page! You can download it in the link above. Enjoy! I think I need a better way to end these things…

Coloring Pages

Donut Printable Coloring Page

Hello artists! Today I have a donut coloring page that you can download with the link above. At first, I just drew a donut. It looked kind of boring, so I added the bite. Then I thought the caption “donut ask” would be funny, so I drew it in. The background was still a bit blank, so I decided coffee beans would work well. Funny how one idea leads to another sometimes, isn’t it?

You know, I always have trouble ending these. It seems a bit abrupt to go straight to “enjoy”, but I can’t think of any transitions. Oh well. Enjoy!

Color Palettes

21 Summer Color Palettes

Hello artists! Today I have 21 summer themed palettes. Yep, 21. I may have gotten a bit carried away…

I love the teal with the pink. It’s such a happy combination.
This feels Christmasy.
This is a very neutral palette. I’d recommend adding a bright color to it.
This one is very brown, too.
The cool shades have a refreshing effect, don’t you think?
I like the olive color with the red and tan. It’s interesting.
This palette is a bit muted, but I like that. Sometimes you don’t want to go bright, you know?
This is an interesting twist on a rainbow.
There’s a cheerful, optimistic feeling to this palette.
The two more pastel colors in the middle really make this one pop!
I love the soft feel to this one.
This palette is so pretty!
This palette has an interesting range of colors: bright, pastel, and a jewel tone!
Sometimes two colors and a couple of neutrals make a bigger impact than a whole bunch of colors.
This one is a very warm palette.
All the pastels set off the reds nicely.
That green is a nice pop.
Wow, this one is a happy palette.
I feel like if you took out the purple, this could pass for steampunk.
This palette is kind of like a rainbow.
The pinks stand out against the dark tan and blues.
Books and Websites

The Best Acrylic Paint Tutorial Website Ever!

Hello artists! I’m pleased to show you my absolute favorite acrylic tutorial website, Step By Step Painting with Tracie Keirnan! Here’s a link to her site:

My favorite acrylic tutorial website!

I started painting July of 2020. Here’s what I painted.

Pool tutorial from Arteza. It wasn’t very detailed.
Attempted space background, no tutorial.

Not so good, huh? Here’s what I painted with Tracie’s tutorials.


Hers are definitely better, she’s got years of practice, but I’ve definitely improved! And as you can see, I sometimes mess around with colors, add more highlights, etc. Let’s look at her tutorials!

Traceable for one of Tracie’s tutorials

Most tutorials come with a traceable you can print out and drawing instructions if you want to sketch it on your canvas instead.

Color list

Next is a list of all the colors used, so you can match your paints to it easily. I love this feature!

Picture instructions

Then there’s a set of photos showing you how to paint it. Don’t worry, there’s more than just that. This is just an overview.

Step by step instructions

There are detailed instructions every step of the way, including pictures. There’s also a video with each tutorial.

She has TONS of amazing tutorials in all sorts of genres from beach to space to birds. It’s really an awesome site, and it’s helped me improve quite a bit. If you’re interested in acrylic paint, definitely check out Tracie’s tutorials!

Coloring Pages

Kawaii Fox Printable Coloring Page

Hello artists! Today I have an adorable kawaii fox coloring page! Tap the link above to download it. Isn’t it so cute? I couldn’t figure out how to do a snout, but I like how the bushy tail came out. I don’t know about the half-colored look though… Anyways, enjoy!

Color Palettes

12 Succulent Color Palettes

Hello artists! Today I’ve got 12 color palettes, all succulent themed! These will come in handy for floral pictures since they all have green in them. I went with commentary about the colors instead of humorous remarks. I’m still trying to get the hang of this blogging thing. Enjoy!

I just love the pastels in this one.
The pop of lime accents the jewel tones quite nicely.
Yeah, I’m not sold on this one.
Hmm, this one’s kind of Christmasy.
Even with the pink, this is still a nice cool palette.
I guess brown just isn’t my thing…
This one is so bright and cheery!
The pastels with the greens is interesting.
This one is like a jewel tone rainbow; not muted, but not bright either.
There’s a nice balance of lights and darks here.
I love this palette so much!
This one is nice.
Art Supplies

Liner Contrast: Ohuhu vs. STA

Hello artists! Today I’m comparing Ohuhu and STA pigment liners! Let’s start with STA.

STA Pigment Liners

One set of these liners comes with two brush pens and one of each of these sizes: 0.8, 0.6, 0.3, 0.2, 0.1, and 0.05. It’s a pretty good range of sizes.

Also, not that it relates to how good these pens are, but they look really cool! Let’s move on to how they write.

STA Test

They all write pretty well, especially considering I got them used almost a year ago. Most of them feel a touch scratchy when I use them, but the lines look nice and smooth. The black color is good and bold. The brush pens are very nice to draw with, very smooth. They dry fast and don’t smudge.

This set is $11.99 on Amazon. They don’t sell packs in other sizes. Mine have lasted at least a year, but I got them used. A few are starting to wear out, but they’ve lasted a long time.

All in all, they are good liners!

Ohuhu Liners

A set of Ohuhu liners comes with a brush pen, 1.0, 0.7, 0.5, 0.3, 0.2, 0.1, and 0.05. I like this larger range of sizes.

Ohuhu Test

They write smoother than the STAs, but again, the STAs are old. The lines look good and the black is bold. The brush isn’t as smooth as the STA one, but not bad. They dry as fast as the STAs and don’t smudge.

This set is $9.99 on Amazon, two dollars cheaper than the STAs. Again, this is the only size set available.

In the end, I would recommend the Ohuhus, just because they have a larger size range and cost less. The STAs are still good liners though! See you next week, artists!

Coloring Pages

FREE Printable Coloring Page: Live, Love, Pray

Hello artists! Today I have a free printable coloring page for you! The scanner cropped it weird. The scribbles at the bottom are just my signature. Anyway, I was practicing flowers and came up with this. It’s not my best work, but whatever. Enjoy!

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Stickii Club

Hello artists! Today I’m going to introduce you to Stickii Club!

My Stickii binder

Stickii Club is basically a subscription box (envelope, technically) filled with stickers and other stationary goodies. You get one envelope every month. There are three themes you can choose from: vintage, pop, and cute. I’ve tried all three, but cute is my favorite.

Typical monthly envelope

Everything is put in a plastic protector so that rain and whatnot won’t damage your stickers. There are several pockets on the protectors for easy organization.

Contents of a Stickii envelope

Each envelope comes with several sheets of stickers, a label to put on the corner of your protector, and a few extras, from sticky notes to postcards to paper clips to vinyl stickers. Everything matches the monthly theme.

I absolutely love Stickii club! Their stickers are perfect for journals, planners, etc. They even inspire my art! See you next week, artists!

Color Palettes

13 Beach Palettes

Hello artists! Today I’m pleased to announce that I’m making color palettes! Let’s kick things off with 13 pretty beach palettes.

I want to live here.
Yep, you definitely just stumble across perfectly placed shells on the beach.
I thought seafoam was a green color pencil?
TOTALLY not a filter.
Mermaid jewelry box?
Try surfing this.
This is too pretty to say something funny about.
Oh look, another sunset.
This rocks could so be from a Star Trek planet.
Yeah THESE weren’t posed.
Anyone forget a cocktail?
Seagulls playing follow the leader.
Okay I’m done.

It was too much fun coming up with funny comments for each palette. Enjoy!